3 12 2007

I don’t mean to get all political, but I think I am going to have to. Before I state my positions on serious issues, I think it is worth noting that I consider myself to be a libertarian who understands the socialist point of view. I recognize the evils in the world and like the virus that is humanity, I am doing my part to make sure that I leave this world in worse shape than I entered it. It is not a goal of mine, rather a realization. Call me a fatalist, but these are the undeniable truths that one must face when looking at the current global sociopolitical climate. Now on to my rant.
First and foremost, Mike Huckabee. Yes! He IS retarded. YES! Chuck Norris will become the Secretary of Defense. YES! Mike Huckabee is a lot more of a compassionate conservative than any one else I have encountered. YES! Even as a thin man, Mike Huckabee is still fat on the inside.
I don’t think that to a liberal such as myself, a snake can truly hide when under public scrutiny. Sure the reptilian whores who pose as Christians in order to get elected might fool the retards in Alabama and Kansas, but they don’t fool me, and if Huckabee is one of them, he is a lot better at it than the others. Do I agree with his positions? No, he’s a blithering idiot who thinks Jesus rode a brontosaurus to Nazareth…and then his disciples decided never to mention it again for lo, did theyeth steppeth in the dung of thine giant friendly dragon, and God said it was good, and that it would fertilize thy cannibus leaf and lo did the apostles smoketh the reefer and concoct a plan to riddith the giant lizard from the pages of history. I don’t agree with him on abortion, but for him I think abortion is more about killing fetuses than it is a political ploy. Personally, I know that up until that thing has two eyes, it ain’t fucking living, it’s mutating.