Peckman’s Alien Looks a Fake!

30 05 2008

Finally, an image, if not the video, of Jeff Peckman’s alien has been released. The Verdict? Looks a fake to me. You may recall that the video itself was authenticated, but the Colorado Film School teacher had no way of authenticating the alien itself. Some in Hollywood, say such an animatronic alien might cost upwards of $50k. Who has got the time when you’re focused on setting up your E.T. Commission? Anyway, here’s the picture, what do you think?

Creepy?  Not Really

From ABC News:

“It’s the best evidence I’ve seen,” said Peckman of a roughly one-minute snippet of footage he showed this morning in Denver. “If people believe it, it’s really significant.”


I’m wondering what if people don’t believe it? Peer acceptance and belief seems Peckman’s greatestest concern. However if the alien life-form shown in the video does exist, then society’s belief is not a requisite.  Maybe reality says it is a fake and “if people believe it” then their belief somehow benefits Peckman. I can’t see an explicit profit motive yet but I think it’s there somewhere. Maybe if people believe he will get the 4,000 signatures he needs to get his Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission on next November’s ballot. If he then gets the votes he needs to create the commission, perhaps public dollars will flow into his unidentified flying coffers.

Then again, maybe he is right.  Maybe WE are the crazies and he stumbled upon the most compelling evidence of alien interaction with us lowly earth-bound creatures.

Maybe not.


What’s the Most Difficult Business Out There?

30 05 2008

I read a script recently (that’s what I do for an almost-living) where one of the characters lamented about the business of Hollywood, stating that this [showbiz] is the most competitive industry in the history of the world. While I was uncomfortable with the hyperbole, the statement caused me to think about the nature of the comment. Is this the most competitive industry that exists?

I have always thought that entertainment and Wall Street were on the same level, or at least in the same competitive grouping, but you know what, Wall Streeters’ days end at 4:30 EST and what’s worse, in this town, you can get crucified for how you look or don’t look. At least on Wall Street they don’t turn you away for being ugly — have you seen some of these hedge fund guys? L.A. has to be exclusive in the sense that talented people aren’t guaranteed to make it, beautiful people likewise, and then there is that rare combination of talented and beautiful people who fail to achieve success.

Can you think of a more competitive industry? Are your hours turning you into a creature of the night? Are they leading you to alcoholism or other dangerous substance abuses? Please, state your cases as we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Joke: The Best Presidential Candidate

30 05 2008

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain were flying to a debate. Barack looked at Hillary, chuckled and said, “You know I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.”

Hillary shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy.”

John added, “That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy.”

Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, “Such big-shot back there. I could throw all three of them out of the window and make 156 million very happy.”


Green Gas (literally)

30 05 2008

ften you will find environmentalists fervently advocating a new policy or shift in policies due to anecdotal evidence, showing an insufficient regard for basic cost-benefit analyzes or facts in general. Don’t believe me? Remember when nuclear power plants were the cause célèbre of the 1970s for various unsubstantiated threats posed by the evolving energy source. The early environmentalist movement decried them for their safety hazards (though more people die every year in mining accidents, ahem coal power, then every have from nuclear incidents) and for fear of the “China Syndrome” leaping from film to reality. Now many of those same people now run (perhaps rightfully so) away from carbon emissions and have come to realize the benefits of nuclear power for curbing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Similarly, popular opinion was swayed by our ever-greener society and ever-greedier politicians [at the Iowa Caucuses] toward biofuels, specifically corn-based ethanol. Oops! Wow, that’s less efficient and more polluting than Texas Tea ever was. The world desperately needs a solution that can ensure energy independence and environmental regeneration at an affordable price.

Today, the landscape changed as Sapphire Energy unveiled its pet project. The San Diego based company have been working on algae-based diesel and gasoline that will be processed at existing refineries, dispensed at your corner gas station and will power existing cars without any fancy engine add-ons. The only requirement for production? Algae + CO2 + Water = Green Crude Production. According to the LA Times, Sapphire Energy’s Chief Executive, Jason Pyle, “described the expected cost as competitive with extracting oil from deep-water deposits and oil sands.”

According to the year old company, it can use any kind of water (non-potable, salt, you name it) and the US Department of Energy claimed in a Salt Lake Tribune article, “algae could replace all the petroleum consumed in the United States on an area not much larger than Maryland.” (Brian Maffly. The Salt Lake Tribune, March 25, 2008.) A New York Times article this past December stated, “An algae farm could be located almost anywhere. It would not require converting cropland from food production to energy production. It could use sea water and could consume pollutants from sewage and power plants.” Not only can we use water pulled straight from the Pacific but we can build greenhouses in places that otherwise would not support agricultural production. In other words, there will be reduced demand for food-bearing land and no more corn ethanol, possibly leading to a drop in global food prices.

Jed Clampett might’ve called it Green Tea

What’s the catch? Well right now the process only exists in the laboratory. Sapphire Energy says a pilot is a year away and scalable production still 3 years away. Low emissions, improved energy independence, reduced international stress, decreased food costs and immediate functionality with existing products on the market seems to make this green fuel well worth the wait. If all this is true, the ramifications of this discovery shift the global energy paradigm (beware: gratuitous business clichés) and may be the beginning of revolutionary geopolitical changes. At the very least we have a climate change solution that might stand up to closer analysis. Take a lesson environmentalists, capitalism may save us all.

PROVEN: Aliens do exist!

29 05 2008

What else could make tomorrow, your already wonderful Friday, better than proof of extraterrestrial life? Thanks to the BBD’s friend Tommy “Just-Wants-to-be-Famous” Smith for bringing this to my attention, via The Huffington Post. Tomorrow you should stay tuned to see the video proving the existence of alien lifeforms apparently recorded by Denver local, Jeff Peckman.

Jeff PeckmanRecently Peckman (pictured left doing his best E.T. impersonation) has been working on an initiative to create the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission (EAC) for the city of Denver. According to the Rocky Mountain News (see original), Peckman’s commission would “prepare the city [of Denver] for closer encounters of the alien kind.” Jeff Peckman will be holding a news conference tomorrow to show members of the media his exclusive look at the 4 foot tall creature supposedly looking around AND blinking…whoa.

According to the report, an instructor (maybe not a professor?) from Colorado Film School closely reviewed and authenticated the video. Peckman says he will also offer other compelling evidence at Friday’s press conference.

This sort of pro-active citizenship is admirable, fighting conspiracies and creating new commissions to better prepare us for the challenging possibilities of our future. However it may be awhile before we get to lay our eyes on the proof. Peckman has entered into an agreement with EAC supporter and documentarian Stan Romanek, to exclusively include the footage in Romanek’s upcoming film. (The film supposedly exists, there is no mention of it on his website.)

I’m excited to see Peckman’s clip, if at least to lay to rest those vicious rumors first set forth by Fire in the Sky. Wait, didn’t M. Night Shyamalan and Mel Gibson already prove aliens exist? This is old news..

New Games on The BBD!

29 05 2008

In our continuing effort to evolve the Bigger Better Deal from its infancy, we thought a games section might help you find ways to pass your day. When sticking pencils in the ceiling has lost all of its fun, you turn to this internet superhighway for a means of temporary occupation. Well now come here and play any one of the games that we tirelessly researched, reviewed and re-posted here. Do you have a game you love to play and think the world should too? Tell us! Good luck at work today lemmings!

Billabong’s “Design For Humanity”

28 05 2008

Do you like charity, fashion, music, beaches, oceans, or surfing? Surely at least one of these peaks your interest, and if so, we will be seeing you next Thursday at the Avalon Club in Hollywood. Design for Humanity, Billabong’s 2nd annual charity event, offers an opportunity for the posh and the poor alike to come together for a little fun in the name of doing good. This year’s event benefits the Surfrider Foundation, “a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches.”

Ok ok, this sounds like a puff-piece for USA Today or some other mediocre “news source.” The point is this thing is going to be a PARTY, one worth attending. The event opens in the Spider Club with an art exhibit and auction showcasing world renowned surf photographers. Then guests will be treated to a full runway fashion show featuring Billabong designs as well as collaborative works from a handful fashion celebrities. All items will be available for auction via E-Bay following the event.

After all of the niceties have been exchanged, the party will really begin as recent chart toppers MGMT take the stage sure to please all in attendance. But, if Indie Poprock isn’t your thing, perhaps the musical stylings of up-and-coming DJ Steve Aoki will float your boat as he spins late into the late night.

VIP Tickets, for those who can ($150), include special entrance and seating areas, as well as an open bar including a Ketel One ice luge (disgusting). For those of us who actually debate whether to put gas in the car or food in the stomach, we can wait in line and have a great time for a mere $30 (booze not included). Tickets for sale at

So if you can’t find a reason to go to this “incredible melding of music, art, fashion and social responsibility, you probably don’t live in the area (or you’re boring).

I’m sure we will see you there… “Let’s make some music make some money find some models for wives.”

[See the press release here.]