Let’s Get Laid!

3 06 2008

We know your fed up with the same crap on TV. I mean, how many times can Meredith and McDreamy break it off and rekindle their tired courtship? Stop wasting your time with the drivel pouring out of the major networks and “Let’s Get Laid!” Watch the trailer. Check the website. Get excited for this new web series.


Just say some crazy sh*t…but make it LOUD!

16 05 2008

I was watching HARDBALL last night and Chris Matthews tore some Republican pundit named Kevin James a new asshole for not knowing about Neville Chamberlain and appeasement. It was good to catch, and for us, it is a nice moment to highlight as symptomatic of many a Fox News/just plain ole’ conservative pundit, but this has become tacitly accepted by the American public and that is where the shock should set-in.

Certain individuals in this country now feel the appropriate form of political discourse is to lambaste your opponent (Billy O’Reilly), make false felicitous claims (John Edwards still not gay) to sell books or keep oneself in the press, or just be a blind warhawk (Kevin James); sipping Kool-Aid without rhyme or reason, only to continue a policy ones knows nothing about, which probably isn’t doing one any personal benefit either.

Controlling the talking points controls the agenda in the era of the soundbyte. We have been reduced to even further generalization and somehow the less involved we are in a topic, the more vitriol and volume our commentators use to tell us what we should feel. These incestuous, state-run media politburos are extensions of our government’s arm and are nothing more than tools to frighten us and keep us suckling the venomous teet.

Of course democrats and other leftists are not immune from this kind of politics. These obtuse and callous morons are controlling what kind of information we hear and will use whatever they can to keep us focused on their radical comments (which most of the time they don’t even mean) and not on matters of substance.

Jeremiah Wright was mad that 205,000 minutes of preaching was condensed into 15 seconds. He should be. I am mad that Jeremiah Wright’s 15 seconds was even fodder for cantankerous jackasses to hijack and control with such ease that it makes me wonder why I am even mad: I live in a country where idiocy is the norm, where rational thought has never really been in use, but at least we kept the crazy shit at bay for a little while. Now we are a land of political extremes and we don’t deserve better.

Black people built this home for us, the Mexicans have maintained it, and white people are now defaulting on the mortgage payments. The religious wrong, has now been in-charge since the last days of Jimmy the giant peanut farmer. Ronald Reagan was a boob, Bush Sr., was undone getting us into and out of a war we didn’t care about and spewing on the Prime Minister of Japan but he made brown suits cool again damnit! Bill Clinton was handcuffed by having a conservative Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court, and now George W. Bush has riled up his base, causing them to create a new political mediascape, in which anyone can say anything so long as it gets a reaction.


Bill O’Reilly Goes CRAZY

16 05 2008

Thanks for all the laughs Bill!  Saw this one on The Coundown with Keith Olbermann last night.


No ma’am, not me.

15 05 2008

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You too can opt-out of the mess that is this summer’s chick-flick blockbuster.  Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass, graciously offers an out clause for the many men who fear one last dose of Sex and the City.  He said,

 “Millions of men are sick about this movie based on a TV show about four terrifying, rich, aging, elitist women who whine about sex and men and purchase $700 pairs of shoes to feel better about themselves. What guy wouldn’t love such a movie?”

 Get your very own “SATC absolvo carta.”  I’m not sure this will work for me, but it’s sure worth a shot.  If not, a pair of iPod headphone and frequent shots of Kristin Davis might sustain me through it.  Now if only they made one of these for McDreamy’s latest flop, Made of Honor, time I will never get back.