Peckman’s Alien Looks a Fake!

30 05 2008

Finally, an image, if not the video, of Jeff Peckman’s alien has been released. The Verdict? Looks a fake to me. You may recall that the video itself was authenticated, but the Colorado Film School teacher had no way of authenticating the alien itself. Some in Hollywood, say such an animatronic alien might cost upwards of $50k. Who has got the time when you’re focused on setting up your E.T. Commission? Anyway, here’s the picture, what do you think?

Creepy?  Not Really

From ABC News:

“It’s the best evidence I’ve seen,” said Peckman of a roughly one-minute snippet of footage he showed this morning in Denver. “If people believe it, it’s really significant.”


I’m wondering what if people don’t believe it? Peer acceptance and belief seems Peckman’s greatestest concern. However if the alien life-form shown in the video does exist, then society’s belief is not a requisite.  Maybe reality says it is a fake and “if people believe it” then their belief somehow benefits Peckman. I can’t see an explicit profit motive yet but I think it’s there somewhere. Maybe if people believe he will get the 4,000 signatures he needs to get his Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission on next November’s ballot. If he then gets the votes he needs to create the commission, perhaps public dollars will flow into his unidentified flying coffers.

Then again, maybe he is right.  Maybe WE are the crazies and he stumbled upon the most compelling evidence of alien interaction with us lowly earth-bound creatures.

Maybe not.


PROVEN: Aliens do exist!

29 05 2008

What else could make tomorrow, your already wonderful Friday, better than proof of extraterrestrial life? Thanks to the BBD’s friend Tommy “Just-Wants-to-be-Famous” Smith for bringing this to my attention, via The Huffington Post. Tomorrow you should stay tuned to see the video proving the existence of alien lifeforms apparently recorded by Denver local, Jeff Peckman.

Jeff PeckmanRecently Peckman (pictured left doing his best E.T. impersonation) has been working on an initiative to create the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission (EAC) for the city of Denver. According to the Rocky Mountain News (see original), Peckman’s commission would “prepare the city [of Denver] for closer encounters of the alien kind.” Jeff Peckman will be holding a news conference tomorrow to show members of the media his exclusive look at the 4 foot tall creature supposedly looking around AND blinking…whoa.

According to the report, an instructor (maybe not a professor?) from Colorado Film School closely reviewed and authenticated the video. Peckman says he will also offer other compelling evidence at Friday’s press conference.

This sort of pro-active citizenship is admirable, fighting conspiracies and creating new commissions to better prepare us for the challenging possibilities of our future. However it may be awhile before we get to lay our eyes on the proof. Peckman has entered into an agreement with EAC supporter and documentarian Stan Romanek, to exclusively include the footage in Romanek’s upcoming film. (The film supposedly exists, there is no mention of it on his website.)

I’m excited to see Peckman’s clip, if at least to lay to rest those vicious rumors first set forth by Fire in the Sky. Wait, didn’t M. Night Shyamalan and Mel Gibson already prove aliens exist? This is old news..